ERNCIP-IMPROVER Joint Operators Workshop 2016 - April 27th and 28th

2016-04-27 09:00 to 2016-04-28 17:00
Operators Workshop


ERNCIP organised a 3rd workshop for infrastructure operators on April 27-28, 2016, in Ispra, Italy. The purpose of this workshop is to continue to intensify the collaboration with operators within the ERNCIP network, while exploring the theme of resilience for critical infrastructures. For this reason, this year's workshop was organized in close collaboration with the H2020 IMPROVER project ( ).

Workshop’s Theme & Sessions

The workshop included presentations by experts on resilience and CI operators, as well sessions on the following topics:

Working session 1:

Organizational aspects of resilience: plans, standards, best practices

Working session 2:

Measuring CI resilience: indicators and approaches

Plenary session:

Resilience for smart societies: the link between CI resilience and community resilience

ERNCIP TG Session:

TG approach to pre-normative research: the road towards standardisation to support resilience

ERNCIP and IMPROVER plan to continue this joint effort on an annual basis, with another workshop planned for Spring 2017.

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ERNCIP-IMPROVER Joint Operators Workshop 2016

Resilience best practices in the aviation field - M. Krempel

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ERNCIP-IMPROVER Joint Operators Workshop 2016

Industrial control systems, resilience on the IT front - G. Koutepas

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ERNCIP-IMPROVER Joint Operators Workshop 2016

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