The ERNCIP Office is responsible for the management, coordination and administration of the ERNCIP project, under the supervision of the Member States representatives and the EU Commission.  The ERNCIP Legal Issues Group is in charge of advice and decisions on legal and regulatory issues of ERNCIP, as well as interpretation issues of the rules.

Both the ERNCIP Office and the Legal Issue Group are composed of JRC Officials, as well as JRC Grant holders, Contract Agents, Seconded National Experts and External Experts collaborating with the Project.

ERNCIP Office people:

  • Georgios Giannopoulos (Head of Unit)
  • Rainer Jungwirth (Project Leader)
  • Monica Cardarilli (Project Officer)
  • Daniele Kashani Rad (IT Consultant)
  • Operates and continuously improves the Inventory’s IT system. Please feel free to suggest how the system could provide greater business values to ERNCIP Office;
  • Is responsible for accepting the members’ and search users’ applications;
  • Keeps connected to the Inventory members and search users, and handles complaints.
  • Please note that each Inventory member is responsible for the content that they publish in their profile; therefore the ERNCIP Office does NOT take any responsibility for the correctness and validity of the published information.

    However, if you believe you have encountered misleading or obsolete information, please report it to the ERNCIP Office.

    For Thematic Areas, the Office:

    • Submits proposal to help the Members States and EU Commission to identify and prioritise the thematic areas, and identifies the coordinators of the Thematic Groups.
    • Provides administrative and management support for forming and running Thematic Groups, and helps the coordinators to populate the groups with facilities that fully represent the available expertise and knowledge in the EU.
    • Ensures the financial and legal background for the work of the Thematic Groups in line with the Thematic Groups Membership Agreement.
    • Is responsible for the dissemination of the results within the groups of interested CIP stakeholders.