Thematic Groups

Thematic Groups

Chemical and Biological (CB) Risks to Drinking Water

Coordinator: Austrian Env. Agency

TG status: In Progress

Detection of Explosives & Weapons at Secure Locations

Coordinator: Iconal Tech Ltd, UK

TG status: On Hold

Detection of Indoor Airborne Chemical-Biological Agents

Coordinator: AUTH, Greece

TG status: In Progress

Extended Virtual Fencing


TG status: In Progress

IACS Cybersecurity Certification Framework

Coordinator: Thales, France

TG status: In Progress

Radiological and Nuclear Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Coordinator: HT Nuclear Oy, Finland

TG status: In Progress

Resistance of Structures to Explosion Effects

Coordinator: Fraunhofer - EMI (DE)

TG status: In Progress

Aviation Security Detection Equipment

Coordinator: JRC, Geel

TG status: Completed

Explosives Detection Equipment (non-Aviation)

Coordinator: CEA, France

TG status: Completed

Industrial Automated Control Systems and Smart Grids

Coordinator: TNO, Netherlands

TG status: Completed

Video Surveillance for Security of Critical Infrastructure

Coordinator: CAST, United Kingdom

TG status: Completed


The ERNCIP work programme addresses several thematic areas (TA), as identified by the ERNCIP sponsors, i.e. the European Commission and the Member States. The work is being undertaken by specific thematic working groups, each led by a coordinator. A work programme (see Projected Objectives) will be established by each thematic group (TG) and approved by the ERNCIP Office.


Given the generality with which the ERNCIP sponsors can propose the thematic areas, identify and priorities within the scope of that thematic area.


The thematic areas are at the core of ERNCIP and will provide the principal means for achieving the aims of ERNCIP.


Check the forthcoming meetings within each group.