Resistance of Structures to Explosion Effects

Resistance of Structures to Explosion Effects



The resistance of civil buildings and building elements against explosive effects has only been considered in the last decade and consequently only now being understood by governments and society. For this reason the number of regulations available is very limited, and, consequently, there is no harmonised system of testing the elements. The same goes for dynamic numerical test methods where, in general, no regulations or accepted guidelines have been established. While there is a lot of testing experience in individual facilities and laboratories, each facility has its own testing methods, and there are a very limited number of published harmonised experimental procedures. In addition, the procedures for a proper risk assessment in the field of blast loaded structures is missing that could help to identify the possible need of protection of a particular structure depending on vulnerability, target value and further criteria.

Focus of work

The first goal of the TG is to support pre-standardisation to improve test procedures in the testing of structural elements against explosion-induced loads. While the testing of structures by shock-tubes was discussed in the group in the past and an valuable support was given already to the standardisation bodies, the group is discussing now in detail the loading by arena testing.

The second goal is to develop a clear procedure for the risk assessment for buildings concerning explosions and further malicious events. The objective is to support the development of an appropriate standardisation concerning the question, in which cases blast protection measures should be considered.

The work programme - Main deliverables

The work main deliverable will be pre-standardisation reports, towards which intermediate deliverables are planned as follows:

  • Review report on arena testing methods
  • Proposals for changing the arena testing standardisation
  • Report on risk assessment for buildings concerning blast loading

Deliverables List