Protection of Structures against Explosion Effects

Protection of Structures against Explosion Effects



The resistance of civil buildings and building elements against explosive effects has only been considered in the last decade and consequently only now being understood by governments and society. For this reason the number of regulations available is very limited, and, consequently, there is no harmonised system of testing the elements. The same goes for dynamic numerical test methods where, in general, no regulations or accepted guidelines have been established. While there is a lot of testing experience in individual facilities and laboratories, each facility has its own testing methods, and there are a very limited number of published harmonised experimental procedures.

Focus of work

The goal of the TG is to develop guidelines to help to harmonise test procedures in the testing of structural elements against explosion-induced loads. First, as the loading characteristics of an external and an internal explosion are quite different and need to be considered separately, the TG will focus on testing methods for only external detonations. Second, the TG will concentrate on far-field blast loading and the specification of the test methods to define the resistance of structural elements against this loading. Third, the plan is to start with an element for which a regulation is available that enables certification products with an explosion resistance class, which in this case is windows and glazing. In a later phase, the same process of harmonising test methodologies and protocols will be applied to other structural elements.

The work programme - Main deliverables

The work main deliverable will be guidelines to be produced in 2015 (after the end of the current ERNCIP phase), towards which intermediate deliverables are planned as follows:

  • Review report on testing methods (soon available)
  • State of the Art report on testing procedures
  • Analysis and evaluation of testing procedures
  • Guideline document on testing windows and glazed facades against far blast loading
  • Subsequent work in 2015 will seek to transfer these guidelines to other building materials.

Deliverables List