14th Resistance of Structures to Explosion Effects TG Meeting

Resistance of Structures to Explosion Effects

7th May 2015, Espoo, Finland 

During the meeting in Espoo a detailed discussion of the status of the TG deliverables took place. These include:

  • Basis for improvement of existing standards in testing procedures of security glazing, windows, doors and shutters: ISO 16934 (shock-tube) and ISO 16933 (arena test); and
  • Strategy towards standardisation in numerical simulation: 
    • seeking recommentations from standardisation bodies;
    • workshop with stakeholders present to drive ideas;
    • first step in standardisation of numerical simulation, which could be the definition of best practices.

Collaboration with CEN was successfully established. The opportunities to introduce recommendations in the existing testing standards and to conduct a CEN workshop for the numerical part of the work are being assessed.