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Our mission is to foster the emergence of innovative, qualified, efficient and competitive security solutions, through the networking of European experimental capabilities.

ERNCIP Newsletter N.12, Oct-Dec 2014

Newsletter Oct-Dec 2014 has been published and available for download.


Upcoming CB RN E events in 2015

Many events related to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) are due in 2015.


ERNCIP Newsletter N.11, July-September 2014

Newsletter July-September 2014 has been published and available for download.


CIPRNet Course on Modelling, Simulation and Analysis

The 10-11 July 2014 in Rome, the CIPRNet Course in Modelling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) of Critical Infrastructures has been held inside the Master in Homeland Security on July 10-11 at Università Campus Bio-Medico (UCBM) Headquarters in Rome, Italy.


Final report of the Second ERNCIP Operators workshop

In order to intensify the collaboration with operators of critical infrastructure, ERNCIP has so far organised two cross-sectoral Operators’ Workshops; the first one took place in Brussels on 12-13 September, 2013 and the second one took place in Ispra on 19-20 May 2014. The final report of the Second ERNCIP Operatots workshop is available in PDF from the download area.



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