ERNCIP Networks

ERNCIP works in close collaboration with experimental facilities, laboratories, research centres, universities, private companies and international organisations in a concerted effort to share knowledge and expertise, and to harmonise test protocols throughout Europe, aiming at improved protection of critical infrastructure in the EU against all types of threats and hazards.

Thematic Groups

ERNCIP has initiated activity in several thematic areas, as identified by the ERNCIP sponsors, i.e. the European Commission and the Member States. The work in these thematic areas is undertaken by specific thematic working groups, each led by a coordinator.

ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

Member States representatives are appointed by the governmental services related to Critical Infrastructure Protection with knowledge on existing European and national Critical infrastructure protection policies and programs.


The involvement of CI operators in ERNCIP is expected to strengthen the pool of scientific and technological expertise, developing both 'push' and 'pull', and will enhance the mechanism for assessing ERNCIP's working methodology and results.