ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

Expert Group


Member States representatives are appointed by the governmental services related to Critical Infrastructure Protection, with knowledge on existing European and national Critical infrastructure protection policies and programs. This group is an advisory body with each Member having the important role as a link between the Member States’s CIP communities and the ERNCIP.

A report to assist the dissemination of the results of ERNCIP is available in the download area .

The meetings are organised by the European Commission and take place twice a year. The purpose of this Group is to

  • debate strategic issues linked to the development of experimental capabilities on a European level  (experimental security, security, legal issues, etc.);
  • provide advice on CIP related scientific reports or guidance documents;
  • review progress made by the Thematic Groups;
  • discuss new ideas for the development of ERNCIP, including new Thematic Areas to start, and the ERNCIP Inventory of Laboratories .

The governance of the project is also followed by the ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts, with reference to the policy and administrative issues of the thematic groups’ work.

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