2-3 Nov 2016 - JRC Ispra - ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

The Group received detailed updates of the findings, conclusions and recommendations from three of the ERNCIP thematic groups; Chemical & biological risks to Drinking Water; Radiological & nuclear threats to critical infrastructure; and the European Industrial Automation Control Systems Cybersecurity certification framework. Short visits were arranged to the European Microwave Signature Laboratory, which inter alia carries out research to enhance the security of Galileo, Europe’s own satellite navigation system, and to the European Crisis Management Laboratory/ Disaster Risk Knowledge Management Centre . The opportunity was also taken to brainstorm with the experts the emerging ideas for new ERNCIP thematic group activity in 2017, including Extended Virtual Fencing – use of video and biometric technologies to mitigate terrorist attacks, and Citizens enabling citizens security, which will consider how the public can help/be helped to reduce risks from malicious attacks.