Explosives Detection Equipment (non-Aviation)


Explosives Detection Equipment (non-Aviation)



Since the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot, the EU has defined legally binding technical specifications and performance requirement standards for various types of detection equipment used in EU airports, which call for European Common Testing Methodologies (CTMs) for detection equipment, to facilitate mutual recognition of approved or certified equipment. However, this kind of arrangement is not yet at the same maturity level for the detection of explosives outside the framework of aviation security e.g. for mass transport, special events, crowded places. There are different needs among the stakeholders, which hinders harmonisation, and so it is currently not possible to propose a single scheme for the certification, testing and trialling of explosive detection equipment outside of aviation.

Focus on work

Although definition of a common CTM for non-aviation security would be, at the moment, a too-challenging task for the ERNCIP TG, a common methodology that would evaluate the capabilities of the detection equipment (e.g. does it detect explosives?) and check the claims of manufacturers would be helpful, as it would provide an indicator to the potential of detection systems.

The work programme - Main deliverable

During 2013-2014 the TG produced the following deliverable:

  • Intermediate and final reports on non-aviation configurations with requirements for explosives detection - Statement of User Needs Final Report Unclassified Abstract (For Public Release) This report for Task 1 of the ERNCIP DEMON Group, identifies user needs in the area of explosives detection for infrastructure protection applications (outside of aviation security). It spans guidance, training, equipment development, canine capability, and assurance, and considers various categories of infrastructure sites reflecting different detection needs. For further details, please contact the ERNCIP Office.
  • State of the Art report on existing regulations in Europe relating to the deployment of explosive detection equipment in non-aviation configurations This report summarises European legislation relevant to explosive detection equipment, apart from that contained in the Aviation Security regulations. Although few other articles of European Union law directly refer to explosive detection, a number of directives and regulations are relevant to it, in the fields of explosives for civil use and pyrotechnics, dual-use equipment, chemicals and the chemical industry, port and inland transport security, and radiation, electromagnetic and electrical safety. Future European legislation in this field may be expected to conform to the principles of the EU’s New Legislative Framework, according to which harmonised standards are used to express detailed technical specifications. Current standardisation work is therefore also briefly described.

Deliverables List


Statement of User Needs Final Report

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For further details, please contact the ERNCIP Office.​

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