10th ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts meeting on 15th April 2015, Brussels

ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

10th meeting, 15 Aprile 2015, Brussels

The following topics were discussed at the EU CIP Experts Group meeting:

  • The findings of the Member States consultation concerning the 1st round of the Project i.e. 2011-2014.
  • Updates on new initiatives undertaken by the ERNCIP Academic Committee and the planned training activities.
  • Information about new thematic groups’ work programmes for ERNCIP 2015. Further requirements for nominations of TG experts, in particular end users, were discussed

Notes: Some participants left the meeting to attend the optional ERNCIP Pre-Conference Special Session on Critical Infrastructure Modelling, Simulation and Analysis: Decision Support Tools for CIP. The remaining EU CIP experts continued with a discussion on the status of the proposals for the new ERNCIP 2015 thematic group titled “Detection of CB agents in indoor locations”.