31 March 2020 Early Warning Zones Meeting

2020-03-31 14:45
Early Warning Zones

The ERNCIP thematic group (TG) on Early Warning Zones (EWZ) recently has explored the technical and operational issues associated with providing an early warning zone around critical infrastructures (Cis) and drafted a comprehensive report.

Project Objectives

As a follow up action, ERNCIP suggests that the TG EWZ should look at topics that have been flagged as being of high interest to EC policy makers

  1. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and other unmanned systems for critical infrastructure protection
  • Use of UAS and other unmanned systems in securing CI
  • Establishing the trustworthiness of UAS and other unmanned systems for CI relevant tasks, including CI security
  • UAS threat mitigation to CI
  1. Artificial intelligence and automated sensors for critical infrastructure protection
  • State of the art on the level of maturity of AI application for CIP
  • How to improve the usage of such technologies by CI operators
  • Data protection and privacy


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