2nd ERNCIP Conference - Brussels 16-17 April 2015

2015-04-16 10:00 to 2015-04-17 17:00
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16-17 April 2015 in Brussels

More than 100 CIP experts from laboratories, academia, industry, critical infrastructure operators, standardisation organisations and officials from Member States attended the 2nd ERNCIP Conference titled “Dissemination, Exploitation and New Initiatives”. The conference was split into 3 different moderated sessions (a). “ERNCIP 2011-2014 results”, (b).”How do we disseminate and exploit the results?” and (c). “Moving forward, building on the existing framework”. The primary objective of the conference was to report about the first round (2011-2014) of the project. The scope was to improve the dissemination and exploitation of results and outcomes of the project and prepare the next round 2015-2020 which is to be built on the existing framework.

A number of thematic groups activities, addressing different thematic areas as identified by its stakeholders, have been presented and discussed. The discussion included also the platform that supports the community of experts.


ERNCIP Pre Conference Special Session

This special session focused on “Decision Support Tools for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)”. During the first day, a selection of such decision support tools were presented by scientists from ENEA, JRC, Gdansk University of Technology and Politecnico di Milano. The session indicated to the audience the diversity of approaches and technologies used for the design of such tools. It also highlighted the problems that CIP stakeholders face, with respect the design and use of such tools. The second day focused on how such tools can be shared and exploited better within the EU CIP community. The attendants were encouraged to reflect on several driving questions and to actively participate in the discussion of the second day.

The day opened with a presentation of the “CIPRNet’s Virtual centre of competence and expertise in CIP”, which offers decision support services for CIP. The discussion that followed was moderated by Torben Fell (DG-HOME). The participants highlighted challenges in training end-users, the lack of a comprehensive and organised repository with tools and project results, challenges in dissemination, concerns of data confidentiality, limitations in resources - especially at a national level- and the need for trusted authority to coordinate such efforts.

The full length presentation slides are available from the download area.

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