20 May 2020 - TG WATER Web-Meeting

2020-05-20 10:00
Chemical and Biological (CB) Risks to Drinking Water

The Thematic Group working on detection, identification and monitoring of drinking water systems in the event of chemical-biological release met via videocall for discussing about ongoing activities, latest news and next project objectives.

Future activities of the TG within the new work programme will be based on the following priorities:

  • Evaluation tool – readiness for security implementationin the field, out of the box

  • Internet platform /forum for water security/technical data base

  • Governmental support

  • Security Guide for household

  • Pre Accreditation

  • Water conference

In the framework of COVID-19 outbreak and deep experiences gained by the TG, impact assessment of water security systems in near- and long-term crises scenarios has been proposed. Impact on critical supplies and lessons learnt will aim to develop more sustainable plans for emergencies and future crises.

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