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The section contains downloadable resources such as TG deliverables, conference presentations and ERNCIP Office documents. The list is presents the most recent uploaded documents first.

1st ERNCIP Operators Workshop: September 12nd and 13th, 2013


ERNCIP Operators Workshop 2013 - Session 2

Wed, 2014-04-30

Session 2: Crisis Management and Recovery - Implications for Testing

Bengt Sundelius, MSB (moderator)

Presentation documents from session include:

  1. Recovery management in practice: The case of a major airport, Rob Peters, MIRACLE
  2. ERNCIP TG: Radiological & Nuclear threats to CriticaI Infrastructure, Kari Peräjärvi, S
  3. Opening of the Second Day, Naouma Kourti, JRC
  4. Overview of Selected National (US) and International Standards in Support of ERNCIP TGs, Bert Coursey, NIST
  5. Operator view, Energy, Jan Bucki, ČEZ, a.s.
  6. ERNCIP TG: Resistance of structures to explosion effects, Alexander Stolz, Fraunhofer
  7. Operator view,  Aviation, Jens Sanner, Frankfurt Airport
  8. Current EU Initiatives in the field of civil protection, Alexander Kopke, DG ECHO
  9. Real-Time Technologies for Early Contamination Warning in Water Security Systems, Andreas Weingartner, S::can
  10. Operator view, Water, Michaela Schmitz, BDEW
  11. ERNCIP TG: Chemical & biological risks in water sector, Philipp Hohenblum, Env Ag Austria


ERNCIP Operators Workshop 2013 - Session 3

Wed, 2014-04-30

Session 3: Future Technological Challenges, Needs and Solutions

Jos Menting, Laborelec GDF SUEZ (moderator)

Presentation documents from session include:

  1. ERNCIP TG Aviation security detection equipment, Göran Löwestam, JRC
  2. Emerging Technologies for CIP: can they deliver on your requirements? Marek Rejman-Greene, Home office
  3. Possible future steps to increase industrial competitiveness via pan-European tests, validations and certifications, Luigi Rebuffi, EOS

CPExpo2013 - ERNCIP at Community Protection Conference

1st Erncip conference Ispra December 2012


Erncip Conference 2012 - Session 2

Mon, 2014-04-28

Session II: EU and International testing standards for security solutions

Session Chairman: Mr Sandro Bologna

Presentation documents from Session 2 include:

  1. Overview of JRC’s standardization activities, Peter Churchill, JRC
  2. An overview of the current status of international security standards, Bert M. Coursey, ISO Strategic Advisory Group-Security
  3. European Standards - solutions, Ashok Ganesh, CEN/CENELEC (European Electrotechnical Standardization)
  4. Airport security testing standards, Rad Olszewski, DG HOME
  5. Standardization of security technologies: the French initiative on CBRN-E detection, Laurent Olmedo, CEA
  6. ICS and Smart Grids Security Standards, Sandro Bologna, Associazione Italiana Infrastrutture Critiche
  7. How standards help assure critical systems – lessons from standards-led testing of biometric solutions, Marek Rejman-Greene, Centre for Applied Science and Technology, Home Office, UK