Surveillance and video analytics: factors influencing the performance

Folder: Video Surveillance for Security of Critical Infrastructure
Publication date: 
Friday, May 13, 2016


Large (EU) communities are working on and using surveillance systems. They are of diverse backgrounds, such as end users (e.g. law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure owners), suppliers of surveillance products and services, academics, and policy makers. One of the goals of the ERNCIP Thematic Group on Video Analytics and Surveillance (TG VAS or TG) is to support (the interaction between) these communities with a future proof performance evaluation methodology of video analytics, and in the future potentially also of other components of a surveillance system.

There are many factors which influence the performance of surveillance components. This is complicated as threats, vulnerabilities, assets, technologies, and policies change over time. So, a methodological approach is required to create common understanding among these communities of what these factors are, and what the nature of their influence on surveillance systems is. This requires a substantial, dedicated effort during the full life cycle of surveillance systems.