Proposals for a guidance related to a Water Security Plan to protect Drinking Water

Folder: Chemical and Biological (CB) Risks to Drinking Water
Publication date: 
Wednesday, February 22, 2017


This document, prepared by the ERNCIP Thematic Group on “Chemical and biological risks to drinking water” summarises the key findings from a number of recent reviews undertaken to assess the current situation regarding water security planning with the European Union. A large number of initiatives were found to exist at International, European Union and Member State level. Although a limited response obtained to a survey of water utilities and sensor manufacturers, recommendations for the basis of a Water Security Plan were suggested.

The Water Safety and Security Conference organised in Brussels on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Groundwater Directive gave the opportunity to present such recommendations for validation.

The Water Security Plan concept was positively received by the stakeholders (including policy makers and other actors of the EU regulatory framework). The key outcomes show that: (i) security being primarily a matter for Member States, the concept of a Water Security Plan as part of Water Safety Plans is validated/recommended; (ii) preference for guidance rather than further legislation emerged from the discussions; (iii) the concept of a demonstration project captured the audience’s interest and various issues related to online monitoring were addressed.

To conclude, the visibility of the ERNCIP TG-Water is strengthened and its recommendations for a Water Security Plan as part of a Water Safety Plan were validated, as well as the need for efficient and integrated online monitoring. Implementation of such a concept will now be clarified in ERNCIP TG-Water’s work programme for the next two years.