ERNCIP Operators Workshop 2013 - Session 1

Folder: 1st ERNCIP Operators Workshop: September 12nd and 13th, 2013
Publication date: 
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Session I: Risk Assessment, Protection and Resilience
Implications for Testing

Luigi Rebuffi, EOS (moderator)

Presentation documents from session include:

  1. From risks assessment to security capabilities : the need for an comprehensive approach. Example for a multimodal hub, Jean-Luc. Planchet, RATP
  2. Current EU Initiatives - JRC: Geographical Information System (GIS) - Fabio Lana, JRC
  3. ERNCIP TG: Detection Equipment Materials for Operational Needs, Pierre Charrue, CEA
  4. Building capacities for resilience, Bengt Sundelius, MS
  5. Operator view, Aviation, Francis Morgan, Heathrow
  6. Critical Infrastructure Preparedness & Resilience Research Network, Erich Rome, CIPRNet
  7. Operator view, Energy, Gaetano Condorelli, Enel
  8. ERNCIP Thematic Group Industrial Automated Control Systems & Smart Grids, Annemarie Zielstra, TNO
  9. A manufacturer's perspective, Chris Sandford, Wurldtech