ERNCIP Platform is LIVE announcement


ERNCIP Platform is now available online.

The new ERNCIP Platform is a comprehensive IT solution used to collect, store, share and exchange information and documents among the stakeholders of the CIP community. The platform, built on work done in ERNCIP Phase 1 including the Inventory of Labs, has integrated new functionalities to improve synergies among European experimental facilities, manufacturers and Critical Infrastructure Operators, providing them better opportunities to connect through testing standards and guidelines. ERNCIP now offers an updated repository of standards and guidelines linking them with the labs making their testing capabilities more accessible and transparent. It integrates the following sections and tools:

  • a content management system (CMS);
  • the outline of the project;
  • the Inventory of Labs;
  • a list of relevant standards, and best practices;
  • the activity of the network of experts;
  • a section for the gap analysis;
  • a download area for deliverables