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An online community service by the CIPRNet Project.

Derived from the EU FP7 NoE project CIPRNet, CIPedia© aims to be a Wikipedia-like online community service that will be a vital component of the CIPRNet’s VCCC (Virtual Centre of Competence and expertise in CIP) web portal, to be hosted on the web server of the CIPRNet project.

It is a multinational, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral web collaboration tool for information sharing on Critical Infrastructure (CI)-related matters. It promotes communication between CIP-related stakeholders, including policy-makers, competent authorities, CI operators and owners, manufacturers, CIP-related facilities and laboratories, and the public at large.


CIP terminology varies significantly due to contextual or sectoral differences, which combined with the lack of standardization, create an unclear landscape of concepts and terms. CIPedia© tries to serve as a point of disambiguation where various meanings and definitions are listed, together with additional information to relevant sources.


In its initial stages of development, CIPedia© resembles more to a glossary, which means it is a collection of pages – one page for each concept with key definitions. It aims to expand more and include discussion topics on each concept, links to useful information, important references, disambiguation notes, and more. CIPedia© does not try to reach consensus about which term or which definition is optimum, but it records any differences in opinion or approach.

The CIPedia© service aims to establish itself as a common reference point for CIP concepts and definitions. It gathers information from various CIP-related sources and combines them in order to collect and present knowledge on the CIP knowledge domain.

CIPedia© is now publicly available on

Future versions will be more dynamic; CIPedia© will allow stakeholders to update information capturing the evolution of the CIP domain, as new concepts emerge or receive different meaning.

CIPedia© is currently hosted in the Fraunhofer Wiki Farm.
The initial content was provided by the EC-JRC, Fraunhofer, TNO and the CIPRNet consortium.