Academic Committee: Focus group with Operators

Academic Committee

26th February 2015, Brussels

Focus group with Operators for the development of a training for professionals in critical infrastructure protection and resilience

In November 2014, the ERNCIP Academic Committee, in its role of an advisory body to ERNCIP, has issued a working paper on ‘Science-based training for professionals in CIP and Resilience’.

ERNCIP, following a consultation with stakeholders, has decided to pursue the development of a first pilot course based on the working paper, linked to European policies and best practices. As a first step ERNCIP organised this meeting with Operators to gather their functional requirements and views.

ERNCIP wishes to express its gratitude to the Members of the ERNCIP Academic Committee for their commitment and for producing the working paper that led to the development of the upcoming Training for Professionals in CIP and Resilience. Further information regarding this activity will follow on ERNCIP’s website and in the future issues of this newsletter.