7th ERNCIP Expert Group

ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

7th meeting 22 October 2013 ERNCIP Expert Group represents the voice of Member States, consisting of the EPCIP (European Programme for CIP) Points of Contacts, or members nominated by them. Currently 16 Member States participate in the Expert Group activities. The meeting discussed CIP-related developments in the Member States, and it was decided that in the next meeting, some more in-depth reviews will be presented. The Expert Group was briefed about recent ERNCIP developments, such as the Inventory, Thematic Groups and their deliverables, ERNCIP Strategy for 2015-2020 (see http://ipsc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/?id=831), involvement of the CI operators into the work of ERNCIP, ERNCIP-NIST (US National Institute for Standardization and Technology) cooperation, and other issues. The Member States advice and cooperation in these issues is much appreciated.