5th 2015 - Detection of Explosives and Weapons at Secure Locations TG Meeting

Detection of Explosives & Weapons at Secure Locations

5th meeting and DEWSL Stakeholder Consultation Workshop, 15 December 2015, Brussels

The main objective of the 5th meeting was to prepare for the validation workshop in the afternoon with EU stakeholders. The draft working papers and recommendations previously circulated were discussed and a revised version was agreed by the experts. The members also agreed on extending their work in 2016 to ‘open’ locations that do not have a secure perimeter where screening can be carried out.

DEWSL Stakeholder Consultation Workshop

The workshop was attended by approximately 20 participants made up of facility operators and security managers as well as representatives of the security directorate of the Commission, TAXUD, DG HOME, DG JRC, a seconded expert from the US NIST, and representatives of EOS (European Organisation for Security) representing security equipment manufacturers, system and service providers. Expert members of the Group presented their analysis and recommendations, which was followed by a comprehensive discussion with all stakeholders present. The attendees agreed with the analysis of needs and gaps, and strongly supported the Group’s recommendations and priorities. The workshop also identified the need for guidance to support managers in carrying out risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis and in designing screening processes that are effective, proportionate, non-intrusive and which minimise the impact on the normal flow of activity. Measurement tools and standards
are also required for equipment, people and processes.