4th Video Analytics and Surveillance TG meeting

Video Surveillance for Security of Critical Infrastructure

4 June 2014 in Brussels.
The meeting of the re-planning sub-group set the foundation for the reengineering of its structure, and ascertained the status of its short-term tasks. The new Coordinator (Martin O’Farrell) introduced himself, and set out his vision for the work of this thematic group. The ERNCIP Office updated the meeting on the priorities of the EC for standardisation and harmonisation in Europe, and the potential goals foreseen for this Group. The main tasks to be accomplished by the next meeting were the invitation of an expert representing a relevant European Trade Association, and a re-formulation of the TG’s Work Programme for the rest of 2014. TG members also volunteered to investigate the possibility of video datasets being hosted in a discrete web site, recognising Member States’ special data protection requirements, and to compile a list of academic points of contacts for all EU countries for this topic. The participants agreed to research potential synergies with relevant FP7 and H2020 projects, for discussion at the next meeting of the sub-group, to be held in August.