4th and 5th Applied Biometrics for CIP TG meeting

Applied Biometrics for the security of Critical Infrastructure

4th meeting on 18 October in London, and 5th meeting  on 16 December 2013 in Ispra

The work programme for this thematic group, coordinated by CAST UK was finalised by the group, and approved by ERNCIP office. The group agreed to propose an update for a European biometric standard for Access Control, including anti-spoofing and two-factor authentication, in line with proposals in the scope of DG Enterprise and Industry’s Mandate 487. This update will be tabled at  the CEN technical committee meeting in summer 2014. The group also reviewed the initial ideas for a ‘guidance document on the use of biometric technologies’ for operators of CI systems in the EU,  developing the structure of this and allocating the work to group members to be undertaken in the early part of 2014.