4th 2015 - Detection of Explosives and Weapons at Secure Locations TG Meeting

Detection of Explosives & Weapons at Secure Locations

4th meeting, 3 November 2015, Brussels

In the 4th meeting, the group discussed the conclusions and recommendations of the assessment of possible standardization activities for detection of explosives and weapons at secure locations with medium throughput, and established levels of priorities within each application analysis. The objectives and tasks foreseen for 2016 were fine-tuned for submission within the proposed 2016 Administrative Arrangement with DG HOME.B.4. The overall objective will be to extend the work done so far by instigating the production of EU standards or guidelines. Additionally, the Group has proposed to investigate how best EU standards activities could support user needs for mitigating the risk of explosives and weapons attacks focusing at secure locations with high throughput (e.g. large sporting and entertainment events) and at public places/mass transportations locations.