3rd ERNCIP Expert Group meeting

ERNCIP Group of EU CIP Experts

The 3rd Expert Group meeting took place in Ispra, 13-14 February 2012, with the participation of seven Member States Experts and two Thematic Group Coordinators. The purpose of the meeting was to review progress of the Inventory development, the progress in establishing the Thematic Groups, and to discuss new ideas for expansion of ERNCIP, including new Thematic Areas to start in the last quarter of 2012.  

The ERNCIP Office presented the Inventory’s development process, and described the system functionalities and data content. A summary was provided about the lessons learned from the Key User Group visits, and how these experiences helped to shape the design of the system. The proposed governance of the Thematic Area was discussed, with the opportunity taken to distribute the Memorandum of Understanding, detailing the policy and administrative issues of the thematic groups’ work. 

Two new Thematic Areas were proposed for the last quarter of 2012: “Automatic analysis of video images, such as from CCTV cameras” and “Biometrics for identity, such as fingerprint, face and iris recognition, to include spoofing vulnerabilities”. 

The ERNCIP Office will investigate the feasibility of the suggestions.