30 June 2016, JRC Ispra - Detection of Indoor Airborne Chemical- Biological Agents TG Meeting

Detection of Indoor Airborne Chemical-Biological Agents

3rd meeting, June 30, 2016, JRC Ispra

During the third meeting the group split in two sub groups and discussed the progress on the two reports on “critical review of existing sensors available in the EU and used for indoor DIM” for chemical and biological agents. Each sub group presented their current results and draft versions of the deliverables and planned the next steps for their completion. The two experts working on the “Report on computational simulations of indicative scenarios related to release of (a) chemical agents and (b) biological agents in critical infrastructures” presented their current progress and discussed how this report will link to the other two reports.

Since there will no other meeting in the upcoming months, the group discussed the content of the “Report on the identification of gaps and requirements definition for next generation detectors in the
EU”, which is the last planned output of this group for this year and will draw on the conclusions by all the other reports. Moreover, the group discussed briefly future topics and directions, as well as research topics that emerged during this work, but require a different funding scheme. The biological agents sub group had previously met in Ispra on 20-21 June to discuss their contribution to the report.