2nd ERNCIP Academic Committee meeting

Academic Committee

8 April 2014 in Ispra.

Participants discussed whether there would be benefits from creating or harmonizing a European curriculum in CIP-related education, and if so, how to achieve such objective. The members agreed that there is a mismatch between university education and industry needs. The answer is in looking at the needed functions and working out the essential competencies in order to develop standards for capabilities (focusing on operators, supervisors, managers etc.). This has been successfully done in the field of energy in many European countries, both in standard university courses and in vocational education courses.

Benchmarking a security programme would be good, but first the need and objectives have to be developed, but who should do it is unclear”. ERNCIP will launch a study that, in the first phase, will consist of building a map of all the scientific domains and knowledge areas to be potentially included in CIP courses (e.g. computer science, engineering, global security, law, public policy, cyber security, risk assessment, emergency management) as well as the requirements for the establishment of European training and certification schemes.

The preliminary results of this study will be discussed in the next Academic Committee meeting to be held on 20 October 2014 in Ispra.