2nd 2015 - European IACS Components, Cyber-Security Compliance and Certification Scheme TG Meeting

IACS Components Cybersecurity Certification Scheme

2nd meeting, 11 December 2015, Brussels 
The second meeting of the TG has taken place after some work has been carried on in order to identify and recruit the experts needed to carry on the TG’s 2016 lifecycle. Since the early stages of the work, the tasks for 2016 have clearly shown the need to split the work in sub groups in order to perform the following tasks: (1) To extract from designated existing standards, their common good practices and requirements and to organize them into a common classification; (2) To define Generic IACS Cyber-security Profiles including classes of IACS products and target levels of cyber-security, operating and security environments; (3) To define a common process for each of the levels of the proposed European IACS components Cyber-security Compliance & Certification Scheme. Following last meeting, the Group has therefore decided to split into three subgroups whose kick off is currently under planning and development. The objective of the Group is to have an early picture of the overall scheme available by august 2016.