1st 2015 - Video Analytics and Surveillance TG Meeting

Video Surveillance for Security of Critical Infrastructure

1st meeting, 15 September 2015, Brussels

The Group discussed the benefits of extending the involvement in the Group’s work to all experts that had previously shown interest in this topic. The coordinator agreed to invite wider participation in the agreed tasks. Discussion on the differences in legislation between Member States regarding privacy that could be slowing down research and development in video analytics, led to identification of future actions to consider what this Group could do in this area. Discussion on the draft video analytics user guide led to agreement that a case study should be added to the user guide, giving examples of when video analytics would be most effective. The approach to the task on the availability and identification of testing data sets within the EU and how best to enable collation and common access to them was discussed, with some concern expressed that there is possible duplication with data sets in the U.S. The Group will therefore prepare a report on existing data sets and the complexities in compiling and maintaining them.