1st 2015 - European IACS Components, Cyber-Security Compliance and Certification Scheme TG Meeting

IACS Components Cybersecurity Certification Scheme

1st meeting, 25 September 2015, Brussels
The TG reconvened for working on the follow up of the ‘Proposal for a European Testing and Certification Scheme for the Cyber Security of IACS Components’ published in late 2014. The proposal, available for download on the ERNCIP Website, was written as a result of the previous TG’s lifecycle and set down a research project based on 4 streams. The main activity of this TG is to explore the feasibility of the establishment of a European Certification scheme based on sector-specific testing standards, national testing protocols and products’ security profiles. The kick off meeting of the Thematic group has been mainly focused on the preparation of a draft work programme based on the Proposal and on the identification of missing experts and how to recruit them.