10th 2015 - Radiological and Nuclear Threats to CI TG Meeting

Radiological and Nuclear Threats to Critical Infrastructure

10th meeting, 29 Sept-01 October 2015, Ispra

The Group was updated on the status of the EMPIR DIGITALSTD project, which was finalising a new list-mode standardisation work item proposal, based on the previous work of the TG, which was accepted by the IEC/TC 45in February 2016. The 31 replies to the List-mode questionnaire were discussed, with the output being prepared as a technical report for input to the standardisation project. The results of the reachback (8 Member States) and robotics (44 replies) consultations were also discussed, concluding that the Group needs to undertake awareness raising on reachback during 2016. In both cases, the results of the consultations will be presented in the form of ‘state of the art’ reports. Finally, a outline work plan for 2016 was assessed, modified and agreed, for submission to DG HOME as part of the 2016 funding request. The need to expand the membership of the Group was identified, and PIAP (PL) and University of Oulu (FI) will join the Group. Kari Peräjärvi (STUK) announced that he would no longer be able to coordinate the activities of the Group, and was thanked by the JRC and the other members of the Group for his successful coo-ordination of the Group over the last three years.